Current and Upcoming Events to Attend

Spring FOPMO Board and Membership Meeting

Join us in Hillsboro, High Noon, Saturday, May 3rd, for the next FOPMO meeting. Probably will be held at Jones Campus, INTEL facility. Details will be posted in a few more weeks.

Conjunctions and Lunar Eclipse in February

Watch the bright dots of Venus and Jupiter approach one another low in predawn eastern sky the last week of January, appearing closest to one another February 1st.

Venus and Mercury similarly approach at the end of February, lower yet in the sky, so you'll need a very low and clear eastern horizon to view this event, and with only a narrow window of time before the rising Sun illuminates the sky.

Watch for the rising Full Moon the evening of Wednesday, February 20th, there will be a total lunar eclipse visible that evening (Moon passing through Earth's shadow). Totality occurs from 700-752 PM PST viewed from the west coast of US. You don't need eye protection to view this event.

Saturn continues to hang out in Leo in the eastern evening sky, and Mars wanders from Taurus toward Gemini, high in the early evening sky.

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Greeters and Sky Guides needed for summer programs at Observatory

We have a new Info Center building at Pine Mountain and are planning to host larger crowds, so we need more volunteers to help staff the facility. If you like working with people and want an introduction to astronomy, perhaps you could help us at the Greeting/Info facility, where we will also have some souvenirs for sale to visitors. If you have a telescope or would like to learn to use a small telescope, we'd like you to help us host visitors by showing them views of objects in space. PMO is usually a great place for dark sky and you can go through your personal list of targets later at night after the crowds thin out and you're done showing them the planets and the "showpiece" deep-sky objects. We may have some funds available to comp you for travel, and certified Tour-Guides can stay at the Astronomers' Residence. If you're interested in helping out, please contact Greg Hogue, (541) 771-6987, Kent Fairfield, (541) 536-5795, or Mark Dunaway, (541) 382-8331, we'll hold training sessions onsite in April and May.

PMO reopens for public drop in visits Memorial Day weekend in May.

Tours by advance reservation may be arranged beforehand, by contacting Mark Dunaway (see above link). PMO offers a special program "Rent the Observatory for a Night" for $100 to business, community, social, and other groups, contact Mark for details.

Volunteers Wanted at Pine Mountain Observatory

We Need Tour Guides!
If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Greg Hogue at (541)771-6987 (Bend).

Contact Rick Kang,, (541) 683-1381, to schedule classroom outreach sessions.
Contact Mark Dunaway,, 541-382-8331, to schedule class visits to the Observatory.