Materials for Teachers and Students

We offer outreach classes and staff development classes to K-14 throughout Oregon, covering basic Earth-in-Space to Cosmology. Our prime goal is to facilitate students doing authentic research with digital data! We work with ODE and OSTA to help teachers teach science more effectively.

Learning Curve Projects

NEW! Ready To Use, Digital Inquiry-Based Projects:
Learning Curve Projects (introduction to methods/technologies) and research experiments (work samples for three levels) that use authentic digital data.
Before you go to the projects and experiments please visit the INTRODUCTORY INFO page, you'll need to download FITSVIEW image analysis software and the PMO data, details are in the INTRODUCTORY INFO!

FOPMO Astronomy Links

UO offers basic Astrophysics sequence online from a variety of Professors:

We've assembled a major list of Astrophysics/Space Science Online Resources:

DOWNLOAD data from Pine Mountain from IP using standard FTP software or using Timbuktu software. Access the folder titled LEARNING CURVE to download the images and accompanying text files for those projects. Access the folder titled IMAGES for current images like pairs of asteroid fields for other research projects. Contact Rick Kang, for user/password info.

Support group for teachers new to teaching astronomy and astrophysics and/or developing curricula for these topics: E-mail Rick, to add your name to the link here that will get you to a listing of colleagues who are in a similar position and/or who have resources. Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) and American Astronomical Society (AAS) are major resources for new (and veteran) teachers!

Four-Point Paradigm of Space Science Course Content

Classroom Outreach Information

Here's the latest syllabus for our new 60-minute class session, Measuring the Sky, featuring illustrative examples of use of authentic data.

Here is some basic information about how you can Measure the Sky.

How to use our Remote-Controlled CCD Camera CCDDOP pilot project.

How to request data from our new large-format ultra-quiet COWCAM.

Research Projects for Students including other remote observing sites, CERES, and an excellent set of projects from Harvard.

A variety of real and virtual observing projects.

Professional data bases to help you locate faint objects and find coordinates/detailed info about objects.

Two New Ways to Explore the Sky from Hubble Space Telescope Sci. Inst. Get the info first hand from Complete Scrapbook is at of which Guide Star II Catalogue is at