Classroom Outreach Overview - 2007/8


Friends of Pine Mountain Observatory/University of Oregon*

Rick Kang, from Eugene, brings you and your students (FOR ALL GRADES, K-14) an interactive, inquiry, and technology based program where students investigate "How do we know that?" 541-683-1381

  1. Classroom sessions (see topics below)
  2. Staff development workshops
  3. Opportunities for students to perform research
  4. Opportunities for classes to visit the Observatory
  5. Resources, primarily via Internet
  6. Sky observing sessions locally

1. Inquiry-based classroom sessions: 45 mins - 90 mins, Preferably < 30 students/class, NOT "assembly".


Note: We often tailor a program to specific needs of a teacher or grade. Topics can be mixed and matched to some extent but we encourage depth of topic rather than trying to cover it all. Classes serve as staff development opportunities as we model inquiry practices and demonstrate and furnish a lot of resources.

We issue a prep video and/or worksheets in advance for most sessions, bring most of our own hardware, need a darkenable room with a table/screen, 30 mins setup and takedown time. Sliding scale $20-$100 fee paid to Friends of Pine Mtn. to defray equipment usage and other overhead expenses. We are trying to renegotiate travel expenses to be covered through NASA's Oregon Space Grant. For this coverage to occur, to comply with the NASA directive for science education focused on teachers, Space Grant requests that your school schedule a 15-30 min period for your science teachers to attend a brief seminar about Scientific Inquiry conducted by the FOPMO instructor. We have several Friends' instructors around Oregon.

2. Staff development from short after-school sessions to full workshops, many topics and technologies, your choice.

3. Research opportunities: Submit a research proposal that uses digital sky data from one of our cameras (several size images, FITS format), archival or downloadable data, check with Rick or Greg.

4. Bring your class to PMO in Fall or Spring (too snowy in Winter). Make reservations with Mark Dunaway, 541-382-8331, Campground adjacent, virtual tour/details on website.

5. Many links on website, also see

6. Local Astronomical Societies collaborate for solar viewing during daytime and viewing of variety of objects in night sky with large portable telescopes and sometimes with CCD camera.

CONTACT RICK,, 541-683-1381