Use a solar observatory in New Mexico to track sunspots that will give you a clue about the rotation of our home star. Use the images for a period of several days, click to obtain a full screen image and trace the Solar disk and sunspot locations, or save the images and compile a movie!
Go to the Solar Observatory

Use the Navy's Lunar Phase Simulator to observe and model phases of our Moon. Your goal is to demonstrate why the Moon shows the varying phases. What is the Moon's motion relative to Earth? How long does the Moon take to complete one orbit?
Go to the Naval Observatory

Build a scale model of our solar system in your classroom or schoolyard. From this MIT site you can obtain a variety of scales and units to use.
Go to the scale model data

Participate in the Worldwide Climates project, where schools from all over the world will submit/receive daily weather reports to/from an electronic mailing list. To join:

E-mail to, leave the Subject BLANK, but type
subscribe worldwide-climates
in the BODY, then send your message. You will receive a confirmation from the mail list server in Springfield, and then I'll send you the info about what you need to report. We'll have the details of this project on this web site shortly.

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