How to Join/Support Friends of PMO

What is Friends of Pine Mountain Observatory?

 We are a group of people, mostly from
Oregon, who feel that public awareness of the science and beauty of astronomy and
astrophysics needs to be seriously increased.  We come from all walks of life and have
a wide variety of interests, skills, and talents.  We feel that the support of PMO plus
the delivery of outreach will make an impact on this need.  We volunteer a lot of time
and contribute a lot of material and dollars to make this happen. 
We invite everyone else from around the world, interested in influencing Space 
Science Education, to join our efforts.

Send $35 (or more), check made out to Friends of Pine Mountain Observatory to:

              Gifts are tax deductible in accordance with current IRS regulations.

               You can print and enclose the following form:
                Note that you can designate specific contributions for our 
               Long  Range Plan Educational Center  to be built at PMO 
                over the next several years.
                (see link above about Mission and Future Plans for details)

                 Your enrollment is for one calendar year.

Please enroll me as a Friend of PMO:
Click here for Form

You should receive a Pine Mountain Observer newsletter about every four months, 
announcing meetings in Portland, Pine Mountain, and Eugene (Spring, Summer, 
Winter).  Please let Bob McGown know if you don't receive an Observer.
Meeting notices will appear on our web site.